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London (Capital City of England)

The City of London sits upon the River Thames and is the capital city of England. Thanks to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and iconic sights, it is the most popular destination in Great Britain and holds an unparalleled number of attractions to visit. London is in Southeast England and is a reachable distance from many interesting locations throughout South England, making it a perfect vacation hub destination from which to take tours.

London covers a huge area and is packed full of things to see and do as a tourist, from the most popular attractions, such as Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Big Ben, to the lesser-known attractions and a whole host of magnificent museums with wonders from around the world. While London is the financial capital of Europe and much of it is given over to large skyscrapers and offices, it never manages to lose its distinct British culture. British pubs, restaurants and bars can be found on most streets with an unlimited choice for any tourist, yet it keeps its strong ties to Europe through much of its foreign cuisine.

London keeps its strong soccer culture alive through the many teams that share the great city. Some of the EPL’s most-loved clubs have stadia in the metropolitan center, including Arsenal, Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

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