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Upcoming EPL soccer matches – October 2022

Things are starting to heat up. The Premier League has been on for two months now, and the players and teams are starting to shape up. There was a lot of activity on the transfer market: Gabriel Jesus, Kalvin Phillips, Raphinha, Richarlison, Antoni, Eriksen… they all have new clubs.

The title is defended by Manchester City, strengthened by the goal machine Erling Haaland, and as in previous years, their biggest opponent will be Liverpool, the team that announced the season by winning the Community Shield with a 3:1 victory over the “Citizens”. Far from being the only ones in the running for the throne of the strongest league in the world, there is the dangerous Tottenham under Antonio Conte, the “recovered” Arsenal, who indicated with an excellent start period that they will have something to say, and the greats like Manchester United and of course, Chelsea.

Manchester City and Liverpool are in a league of their own

Liverpool won two trophies last season – the FA and the League Cup – and until the very end was a serious candidate for two more. In the championship, he was a step behind Manchester City, so he is extremely motivated this season to take revenge against the great rival and they will have their first duel of the season on October 16 in Liverpool.

The match as a match is extremely important for these two teams for the simple reason that this is a duel between two main candidates for the trophy. Behind both teams is a successful start of the season, especially because both teams are in excellent goalscoring form, and in this game that will be of great importance. After five rounds, Manchester City is in the second position behind Arsenal and has 5 points more than Liverpool, who had some troubles at the start but it seems that Klopp’s boys found their form and humiliated Bournemouth with 9:0 in the 4th round, and announced that they still know how to play soccer and be among the best. Haaland fulfilled the expectations and from the start is the leading goal scorer in the league while his opponent, Liverpool’s expensive attacking weapon, Nunez had a goal and assist, but he missed some matches due to suspension. 

Until they play, both teams will play a few more matches in the Premier League as well as in the UEFA Champions League. Recent duals between these teams became classics and this match for sure is one of the most anticipated soccer matches, not only in England but in the whole world. On October 16 Anfield is ready for a new spectacle.

Mark the date – 22 October, Christian Pulisic vs C. Ronaldo

In October another English Premier League classic awaits us. Two teams that are favorites from shadow to enter the tight race for the throne. Manchester United had a very turbulent transfer window, they have a new manager, and many new players but most importantly for them is that they managed to keep C. Ronaldo is in the squad. Although he is pushing 40, his presence in the team gives motivation and inspiration to other younger players and he is important for keeping the team spirit high and the aim of the team for the trophy.

The host in this match, The Blues from London, Chelsea also had some changes during the summer. Now with the new owner the American Todd Boehly they want to continue to be at the top of the table and to be among the main candidates for the trophy. Chelsea implements a super fast attacking playing style that is effective, brings results, and is very nice for watching. Among the main players which are leading the game is the great star Christian Pulisic, who as an attacking midfielder always creates chances and scores goals when it is most important.

He is a great dribbler and easily can escape his guards and become a danger to the opponent. He is the leader of the new generation of players of the USA national soccer team at the World Cup in Qatar in December.

Both teams didn’t have a perfect start to the season, but as the season goes by they are starting to look more and more serious. We’ll see on 22 October if can Pulisic brings some of his tricks against Manchester and Ronaldo.

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