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Leicester & Nottingham

The cities of Leicester and Nottingham sit in middle England and are popular destinations for soccer fans thanks to their respective football teams, Leicester City F.C. and Nottingham Forest. In fact, in 2015 Nottingham was named the “Home of English Sport” but it is perhaps most famous as the legendary home of folk-tale hero, Robin Hood.

Aside from the their sporting heritage, both cities offer a wealth of activities for you to enjoy on your EPL soccer tour. Nottingham has an historic castle where you can find a statue dedicated to Robin Hood, and there is also a network of ancient city caves. If you would prefer to enjoy the sublime stately homes of the English elite, there’s Newstead Abbey or Wollaton Hall, and don’t miss Old Market Square with its tranquil city fountains.

Leicester, meanwhile, has roots deep in Roman history, having been founded by them in 47 AD. Today, there are still the remains of glorious Roman forums and baths to enjoy, but you can also admire architecture dating back to the British Tudor era, such as Guildhall and the burial ground of King Richard III, who was immortalized in Shakespeare’s War of the Roses play, Richard III.

Both cities are packed with historical significance from British history, with artefacts to enjoy from the Roman times and British Civil War to the modern day.

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