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Canterbury & Dover

The city of Canterbury is one of the most notable cities in Southeast England. It sits not far from London, as well as the famous coastal town of Dover on England’s south coast, making it an ideal relaxing hub for a tour of the south. Canterbury is renowned for its 12th century cathedral and UNESCO World Heritage Site, St Augustine’s Abbey, which is where Christianity was first brought to England from mainland Europe. Canterbury also boasts a large castle that has lain in ruins since its capture by Prince Louis of France in 1215 during his invasion of England.

Not far from Canterbury, on the southern coast of England, sits Dover and its famous White Cliffs. These limestone cliff-faces have become known as the welcome to all those travelling across the English Channel from France to England. While all of the cliffs of southern England offer the same striking white cliff-faces, those of Dover are the largest and most popular, and they really are quite imposing. If you take a walk along the cliffs on a clear day, you’ll be able to see all the way across the English Channel to France!

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