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The city of Cambridge sits on the edge of East Anglia and is famous for its university campus that dates back to 1209, as well as the historic center that sprung up around it. Cambridge has been an important city throughout its history, even during the Roman and Viking times, due to its strategic location close to London and its situation on the River Cam.

The most popular tourist destinations in Cambridge are the university buildings, such as King’s College Chapel, Our Lady’s Church and the Cavendish Laboratory. Tours of these famous locations are popular and well-guided by professionals. The other activity enjoyed by locals and tourists alike is punting on the River Cam, especially in the summertime. In fact, during the warmer months you can find many boats out on the river, with guided sightseeing tours available that allow you to enjoy the Bridge of Sighs, as well as self-guided punting experiences. Cambridge offers so many attractions linked to its university, be it the Botanic Gardens or the sublime university buildings, halls, chapels and laboratories, which have been the center for societal advancement for hundreds of years. You can even visit The Eagle – the famous pub in which Watson and Crick, then working at the University of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory, formulated their idea of the DNA double helix.

The concentration of such important ‘recent’ history makes Cambridge unmissable on a tour of England.

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